Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Residents across Pennsylvania and the east coast of the US who wish to keep their indoor areas clean and healthy need to assess their indoor air quality. This is especially pertinent because hundreds of harmful contaminants can be dispersed through the air. Advanced IAQ Solutions, Inc. and its team offer the solution needed to accurately define indoor air safety. The team of professionals at Advanced IAQ Solutions, Inc. offers services that deliver comprehensive, quantitative monitoring of the client’s indoor air quality to determine the presence of as many as 14 contaminants commonly known to lower indoor air quality and affect people’s health.

Advanced IAQ Solutions, Inc. takes pride in offering the most comprehensive testing solutions and will conduct an indoor air quality study as long as needed to accurately detect contaminants and viral clouds. They then compare results to established exposure levels or standards. Following the detection of indoor air contaminants, an action plan will be set in motion to correct the problem and restore and sustain safe, clean air in that space.

In addition to the Advanced IAQ Solutions, Inc. – Air Quality Field Testing service, the company also offers other solutions, including Building Sciences Package that addresses indoor environmental, structural, and HVAC conditions. Clients who choose this service package can expect an onsite visual inspection and full assessment of the finished areas and structural members to uncover any air conditions that are not conducive to establishing and maintaining a healthy indoor environment. The HVAC evaluation is part of overall hygiene and mechanical Performance Verification to let you know the impact on your indoor air quality. Based on these findings, an environmental testing and mechanical testing protocol will be developed and a budget provided to address and correct the critical issues,” says Keith Roe, CIE, CMC of Advanced IAQ Solutions, Inc.

Keith Roe, Advanced IAQ Solutions chief Environmental Consultant provides residents, businesses, and organizations with other extremely important services such as a Pandemic Preparedness Program that includes a comprehensive assessment of the eight most critical indoor air quality factors that increase disease and virus transmission.

Advanced IAQ Solutions, Inc. aims to make the environment safe for all by providing services that improve health and wellness. Get started with the indoor air quality testing service by contacting them for a free initial consultation via phone at 610-972-1293 or visit their website https://www.advancediaqconsulting.com.

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